Carolyn and Genevieve accept most major insurance plans. However, submitting to insurance for payment does not guarantee insurance will pay. Clients are responsible for the fees if, for any reason, their insurance does not cover the cost of the session. Clients are asked to have a credit card on file for payment if insurance does not pay. They are given notice before the card is charged.

private pay

If you choose not to use your insurance, or you do not have insurance which covers mental health services, you have the option to pay "out-of-pocket." The fee for a 50 minute therapy session is $110.00, which is payable at the beginning of the therapy session. If you are dropping your child off for therapy, you must first pay. You may also consent for your therapist to bill you credit card for sessions. 

There are many advantages to private pay. One of the most important is that your child does not receive a diagnosis, which is necessary before insurance will pay. Other advantages include flexibility in types of services provided, length and frequency of sessions, and confidentiality within the client's workplace. Private pay also allows for different types of services to occur within the same week or back-to-back, such as a parent having a session right after their child's session.

Missed appointments and late cancellations

Clients will be charged $65.00 for missed appointments or late cancellations. When a client does not come to their scheduled session, this wastes an hour that another client could have been seen.  

Sessions start on time and end on time. If a client is late for a session, the session will end when scheduled so that the next client does not have to wait. 

If you have any questions about fees, please feel free to use the form on the Contact page.