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Child Therapy

Sometimes childhood brings with it challenges, such as emotional or behavioral issues or mental health concerns.  Perhaps your child is trying to cope with a death, divorce, or other major change in their life. We can help children learn new skills and insights so they can enjoy childhood and move forward in a more positive direction.

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Individual Counseling

“As therapists, we are in the business of freedom--we help people relinquish stories of self that are painful, stories of this moment that are alienating, stories of the future that are limiting.” Ili Rivera Walter

If you are at a point in your life where you’re ready to reach out for support, we are here to help.


Family Therapy

Families often struggle somewhere along the journey. Communication issues affect relationships. Individual behavior or mental health problems affect the entire family. Perhaps the family is in crisis from divorce, death, or other major life issues.  Meeting together as a family helps members gain insight and rebuild relationships.


Adolescent Counseling

The preteen and teen years can  be challenging for the child as well as the parents and family. Parent-child relationships can become strained and communication can be challenging. Often a child who has had no previous issues begins to show emotional or behavioral red flags. Anxiety and depression often appear at this time. Being an adolescent in today's culture is difficult. Help is often needed from a professional. 

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Parent Counseling

Parenting is a journey, and parents often need professional help along the way. Carolyn can meet for a consultation, work with you long-term, or combine parent counseling with child and/or family therapy, depending on your needs.