Parent Counseling

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The hardest job on earth

Maybe you've read every parenting book published and thought you were prepared. But parenting always brings the unexpected. And what may have worked with one child does not always work with the others. 

Even the best of parents often seek counseling. Their child's issues are usually not a result of poor parenting. There is nothing wrong with asking for help. In fact, you love your children that much.  It is usually best if both parents participate, but this is not always possible.

Parent counseling may be just a one-time consultation or more long-term work. It usually involves clarification and understanding the presenting problems  and learning more effective interventions. Child and family counseling is often interspersed with parent counseling.

Parents may want to know if their child's behavior is "normal." We can help determine the answer to this question, and how to move forward.  We provide a diagnoses to help parents obtain psychological or educational resources.